The Sukuk, Infrastructure and Project Finance – An opportunity for EAC to tap into GCC and Sharia Compliant Investment

Discussion Points:

As East Africa seeks to address its infrastructure deficit, an abundance of opportunities exists for

market players to fund transport and energy projects through sharia compliant project financing.

This panel will cover the trends, structures and opportunities available.

  • Infrastructure and project Sukuk in East Africa, what’s in the pipeline?
  • Legal , regulatory and market Challenges for Sukuk Issues in East Africa
  • What are the key consideration for Issuers
  • Credit Ratings are they necessary?
  • What can the region learn from other non Muslim countries that have had successful Sukuk
  • issuance UK & South Africa
  • Utilizing Islamic Infrastructure Financing in PPPs
  • Is Kenya’s dream for a Sukuk Issue Valid?

Panel Discussion