Dr Atef Elshabrawy

Chief Executive Officer, Social Innovation, Somalia

Dr Atef Elshabrawy has more than 25 years of experience in sustainable development, SME Banking and innovation, occupied top positions in Banks, Ministries, Funds, NGO’s, private firms, international organizations, and lastly founder of SIE (www.socialinnovationexpert.com). Dr Atef benefits from a global exposure through working in 24 countries. Added to his Ph.D and DEA from France and engineering BSc. from Cairo University, he got several diplomas in finance, innovation and strategic management from France,UK, USA, China, IFC-World Bank.

Dr Atef was awarded by: listed “Top 50 Most Impactful Social Innovators in the world” and got the Social Innovation Leadership Awards” from India in 2017, prize of Mohammed Bin Rashid  Award for  “Young Leaders” in 2013, the “International Research Award from Bahraini, in 2011, the “Young Researchers” in France in 1995.

Dr Atef is an international speaker, provided training for more than 10,000 in four continents in three languages. For more information, please visit www.socialinnovationexpert.com